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M. W. Bro. Avi Baranes
Avi Baranes      
Grand Master

R. W. Bro. Victor Serezo
Victor Serezo
Grand Secretary

Masonic Temple
4 Berkowitz St.  (Museum Building, 4th floor)
Tel Aviv

Mailing Address
P.O.Box 33206
Tel Aviv 6133102,  ISRAEL

Phone: +972-3-695 42 18/9
Fax: +972-3-696 02 71


General Information
The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel was consecrated on October 20, 1953 at the Y.M.C.A. Hall in Jerusalem.
The first Masonic Lodge in the Holy Land was the Royal Solomon Mother Lodge No. 293, under the Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario, whose first meeting was held in the King Solomon's Quarries of Jerusalem on May 7, 1873.
Before that, an occasional assembly of Masons performed a Secret Monitor ceremony in the same location on May 13, 1868.
The Jubilee celebration took place on October 20, 2003 in Tel Aviv.

Working days:
Every last Tuesday in months: January, March, June, September.

Any correspondence can also be sent to:
  • Leon Zeldis:  (English and Spanish)
  • Dani Doron:  (English and Hebrew)
  • Shmuel Nevo:  (Hebrew)
  • Ami Levin:  (Webmaster)
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